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2 Years Guarantee Service

• AKB Trading Co., Ltd guarantees 2 years from selling.
• In motor vehicle distribution, sell with specification and there is Sales-Service to get customer satisfaction.
• Repair the following vehicle parts as After Sales Service.
• Engine
• Gear
• Crown (just inner parts )
• Frame (damage of using according to specification tons)

• Able to repair damage of machine parts at (5) Service Centres in YGN, MDY, NPT, Monywar and
• Unable to repair at Service Centre because of damage while travelling or various reasons, come
and repair your damage vehicle by the nearest service center.
• Repairing service with no charges is just guarantee period and need to pay reasonable charges for
repairing after guarantee period.
• Servicing is performed by cooperation of expert from foreign countries and local expert.
• Furthermore, displays spare parts of the whole motor vehicle at Service Centre to sell