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Company Profile

•     Aung Kanbo Trading Co., Ltd was established and opened office in G-5/B, at the corner of Yaw Min Gyi Street and Yangon-Mandalay Road, Ind. Zone (1) St, Mandalay.

•     Identity number of the company is 0136/2004-2005.

  Objectives of Company

                       •       Distribution of Kenbo Motorcycles

                        •       Distribution of Vehicles

                        •       Distribution of Vehicle Machines

                        •       Distribution of Parts and Services


As another leg of Kenbo Motorcycle Distribution achieving success, the expansion of Motorcycle Distribution was performed. The expansion was begun in June, 2011. Due to the increased momentum of this successful industry, the Head Office was transferred to No. (4), 7 Miles, Pyay Road, Mayangone Township,Yangon instead of having Mandalay as the centre in order to do the business in a fast-track way around Myanmar.At the moment, the company is with (6)
regional offices as to operate Kenbo Motorcycle Distribution and another regional office is opened to centre round Yangon for the Distribution of Motor Vehicles and Equipments. From Yangon Head Office, the functions of the company is being run with (6) regional offices of Kenbo Motorcycle Distribution and (13) regional offices of Motor Vehcles and Equipments Distribution.